Donerite Herbal Products

Herbal Multi-Purpose Spray:

Also containing Neem Oil this is a popular Natural Spray! Once again manufactured with the Highest Quality of  Natural Oils. Can be safely used in and around the house, garden, barbecue areas, pools, sheds etc to help ward off any unwanted insect pests! The Multi-Purpose Spray is completely safe to use with no harmful vapours!

Herbal Eucalyptus Wash:
Gently formulated in a Coconut Palm Oil Base for use in
 the Laundry. Ideal for washing woollen jumpers, blankets, or any other laundry items, leaving them fresh and clean with the lasting aromatic smell of Eucalyptus Oil.

Size                              Price

[DIS250]-250ml              $2.75

[DIS01]- 1 Litre            $10.10
[DIS05]- 5 Litre            $31.95

H202 Sanitizer / Disinfectant:
HYDROGEN PEROXIDE (H2O2) is the only truly ‘green’ disinfectant breaking down into OXYGEN and WATER.  Hydrogen peroxide – Bleaches Stains, Sanitizes & Deodorizes with no poisons, corrosives or known allergens!! It easily removes tough grease and dirt, is Chlorine bleach free, Readily bio-degradable/Phosphate free, Septic & Grey Water safe, Low VOC (Volatile Organic Carbon). Can safely be used to: Wipe down bench tops, tables, appliances, display cabinets, Sanitize food processing equipment, remove mould from Shower cubicles etc, remove stains from walls, floors & carpets. Deodorize and clean toilets, Urinals etc leaving them germ free!!

Size                              Price

[MP250]- 250ml            $8.35
[MP01]- 1 Litre              $15.65
[MP05]- 5 Litre              $61.95

 Size                              Price

[GS250]- 250ml            $8.35
[GS01]- 1 Litre              $15.65
[GS05]- 5 Litre              $61.95

Size                              Price

[EUW250]- 250ml         $7.30
[EUW01]- 1 Litre           $14.10
[EUW05]- 5 Litre           $50.45

Herbal Garden Spray:

With the ecologically aware formulation containing Neem Oil can safely be sprayed on Plants, Shrubs, Vegetable Gardens, and Fruit Trees to help combat against insects pests and plant eating diseases leaving a glossier healthier re-growth resulting in a stronger more resilient plant.  Also suitable for indoor or Potted plants.