Donerite Herbal Products

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[HCON01]- 1 LITRE      $21.50

Size                             Price

[MM]- 200grm            $20.60

[MM01]- 1KG             $62.00

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[ONT]- 200grm            $10.65
[ONT]- 1 Kg                 $42.80

Magic Mud:(because of the nature of this Product it does contain non- herbal astringents)
Renowned for speedily reversing the effects of niggling injuries that interrupt the preparations of performance animals. They contain no swabbable substances and can be used up to and including the day of competition. The healing secret of the Magic Mud is in their active-constituents astringent action. These renowned astringents bring about a local sedative action by precipitating proteins, they will help draw and soothe bruising and nerve endings, assists to toughen inflamed & damaged tissue, aids in reducing heat, inflammation, swelling, minor bleeding and calcification lumps, will also help draw tight & relieve strained ligaments, tendons & muscles. Great in assisting bone degeneration, soft tissue injuries. Promotes the Stimulating of  blood flow.
Very effective in managing the relief of any Pain, Strain, Sprain, Lump, Bump, Bruising and Swelling related injuries of the back, neck, shoulders, legs & feet.

Herbal Healing Ointment:

Containing the healing properties of Neem Oil and the antiseptic qualities of Tea Tree Oil. The Herbal Healing Ointment can safely be used on cuts, rashes, bites, abrasions and skin irritations! We use a Petroleum Jelly base to act as a protective barrier on the skin which then gives the Natural Oils a chance to work on the affected areas!! Suitable to apply on open wounds and to soothe red or inflamed areas.

Healthy Hoof Conditioner:
Containing a Natural blend of Oils which penetrate into the hoof  wall to help strengthen & maintain healthy hooves! Healthy Hoof Conditioner supplements the hoofs natural oils providing a natural protective barrier to aid in the treatment of dry, brittle, cracked and shelly hooves. It will also help arrest fungicidal and bacterial infection, stimulating healthy, normal growth. Its regular use will keep the hoof horn structure supple and resilient.