Donerite Herbal Products

Size                           Price

[AP250]- 250ml         $8.35
[AP01]- 1 Litre           $15.65
[AP05]- 5 Litre           $61.95

Size                              Price

[SS250]- 250ml            $7.85
[SS01]- 1 Litre              $14.85
[SS05]- 5 Litre              $55.95

Size                               Price

[ONT]- 200grm            $10.45
[ONT]- 1 Kg                 $42.00

Herbal Moisturising Cream:

This is an easily absorbed  Natural, Herbal moisturising cream with a Sorbolene base.  Used regularly, the Neem Oil used in our moisturising cream will promote a healthier, smoother and more supple skin!  Suitable for those suffering from Eczema, Dermatitis, Psoriasis or other irritating skin conditions!

Herbal All-Purpose Spray:(for Personal use)                                         
An excellent Natural trusted Personal Spray containing Neem Oil! Apply liberally to exposed areas before going outdoors to deter those biting bugs, re-apply as necessary. Can also be sprayed in the hair & on all Items eg: bags, Hair, brushes, combs, carpets and all suspected infested areas to keep those crawling pests at bay! The Herbal All-Purpose Spray is easily absorbed when applied without leaving the skin feeling greasy. Safe to use on all Family members!!

Herbal Hair Conditioner:
We have endeavoured to compliment our Conditioning Shampoo/Soap with using the same unique blend of Natural Oils in our Hair Conditioner. This product can be used in conjunction with our Shampoo/Soap to leave the Hair with added lustre, shine and manageability.  Apply to wet hair after Shampooing leave for a few minutes for the Oils to penetrate and rinse out.

Size                              Price

[MCR]- 200grm            $10.45

Herbal Hand Wash:

A Herbal Hand Wash in a Coconut Palm Oil base with the fresh aromatic fragrance  and antibacterial properties of Eucalyptus Oil. Also contains the soothing properties of 
Aloe Vera. Gentle enough for those with the most sensitive of skins!! Leaves the hands clean  without drying out  the skins natural oils!! 

Size                             Price

[CD250]- 250ml           $7.90
[CD01]- 1 Litre             $14.90
[CD05]- 5 Litre             $56.00

Herbal Healing Ointment:
Containing the healing properties of Neem Oil and the antiseptic qualities of Tea Tree Oil. The Herbal Healing Ointment can safely be used on cuts, rashes, bites, abrasions and skin irritations! We use a Petroleum Jelly base to act as a protective barrier on the skin which then gives the Natural Oils a chance to work on the affected areas!! Suitable to apply on open wounds and to soothe red or inflamed areas.

Size                               Price

[HW250]- 250ml           $3.00
[HW1]- 1Litre                 $10.12

Herbal Shampoo & Liquid Soap:
Contains a unique blend of Natural Oils with a Coconut Palm Oil Base.  The healing qualities of Aloe Vera and the moisturising properties of Neem Oil have also been used in our formulation to help heal and promote a healthier, problem free skin and scalp. With only a 5.5% pH level it is gentle enough to use on all the Family without drying out the skins natural Oils. An excellent alternative for people suffering from Eczema, Dermatitis, Psoriasis or other irritating skin conditions! Used regularly in the hair will help control those nasty crawlies!